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    Discover The Amazing Archaeological site of Machu Picchu
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    Crossing The Limits Birding in northern Peru
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    Enjoy nature at its purests Birding the Abra Patricia Mountains
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    Experience the exotic Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, The Manu Road
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    Walking the ancestral paths The Moche people, Trujillo
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    Rediscover the story Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum, Chiclayo
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    Explore temples among the clouds Kuelap


Programs 2017

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Our Programs

We have the best turistic destinations in North and Southern Peru

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Peru offers fabulous birding experiences, amazing scenery, and a unique cultural experience, with lots of birds you will not see anywhere else in the world.

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History and Culture

World class heritage sites waiting for you to be explored like Machu Picchu, Kuelap, and the Moche pyramids and museums.

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Nature and Culture

Nature lovers can enjoy the astounding biodiversity of Peru along with its rich cultural heritage.

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Birds and Machu Picchu special departure

Peru, the birding country

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Green Tours and its commitment to climate change mitigation


Green Tours
Renews its climate commitment in 2016/2017.

More and more people and companies recognize the importance of reducing and offsetting their carbon footprint, avoiding global warming. Global warming, alters the effectiveness of ecosystems in regulating the climate, filtering the air, providing water and producing adequate conditions for the biodiversity that exists on the planet, these are some of the risks presented by global warming, but not the Unique. It is because of this concern that Green Tours renews its climate commitment in the period 2016/2017, compensating for its carbon dioxide equivalent, through its participation in the Green Initiative project www.iniciativaverde.com.pe Green Tours has been taking concrete steps to voluntarily measure, mitigate and neutralize their Co2e emissions. In the measurement made in 2016, the Green Tours Co2e footprint has been estimated at 6,330 tonnes. The neutralization of Co2e emissions in the tourism sector is very important. We know that tourism promotes the interrelationship of cultures and territories, and contributes to generating peace and tolerance, which enriches us as individuals, yet we also know that almost 14% of all Co2e emissions, which have a direct effect on global warming , Are associated with the tourism industry. It is for this reason that Green Tours seeks to set the example and make its fundamental contribution to climate change mitigation and does so in a coherent way with the ecotourism sector, offsetting its CO2 emissions, supporting the conservation of biodiversity in the Nature Reserve of Tambopata. Find out more about this work by visiting the website www.iniciativaverde.com.pe or by researching about the REDD + project in Tambopata Natural Reserve. The Carbon Neutralization Process:

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